Founder Acharjya Jagat Bandhu Adhikary [ 09-03-1926 to 05-03-2002 ]


Established in 1971, 9th March by Acharjya Jagat Bandhu Adhikary at his residence at Baidyabati. His residence 222, Nemaitirtha Road was popular as Roth Bari for their own Roth (car) festival. He himself was a popular musician (violinist). Before that, years after years his disciples organized musical soirees, dance dramas composed by Acharjya himself & other cultural programs on the courtyard of their Gopal Jew Mandir. The activities of the organization were flourished to Serampore with the help of Sri Tapan Datta one of the founder members. In 1977 a branch was started at the residence of Late Kanak Narayan Chattopadhyaya, 44, B.P Dey Street with the help of Sri Haradhan Rakhshit. From 1981 its address changed to 8, Dey Street in one rented room. At this time organizers have realized the need of an own house. Due to short space, some classes, rehearsals, meetings were arranged at Tapan Dutta`s house & other places.

In 1996 at its 25 years celebration, Surangan reached to another milestone. They organized a cultural program of its own at Sisir Manch, Kolkata with more than 200 participants. During this period Dr. Asit Dutta & Mrs. Supriya Dutta came forward. The name of Surangan has since been suffixed with the name Abhijnan, the only unfortunate expired son. Now it becomes Surangan-abhijnan.2002 is a black year for Surangan-abhijnan. The founder Acharjya JagatBandhu Adhikary, our ‘Mastermosai’ was expired.

Since then total responsibility goes to her daughter, the principal, and founder member Mrs. Kumkum Bhattacharjya. The dream of having an own house was lastly established in 2005, October. It has started all its activities at its present permanent address with a small auditorium, named after Acharjya & sound system. In Serampore, there was no statue of Rabindranath. Surangan-abhijnan successfully established the honorable ‘Kabiguru’ statue In 2008, at Dey Ghat ( Robi Kanon ). Now Surangan is proud of residents of Serampore.